Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Maybe It's Time ...

Some customers like to spend 10 minutes go through the menu and then come up to me and have the first words out of their mouth "I'm in a hurry". What the fxxk...?! I mean, if they cant manage their time properly to make the meeting or date or whatever, why the hell they bother to come in at the first place? Its not like im responsible for their schedule.

I work fast, YOU are the one that responsible for the time wasted, dammit!

And the worst of all, those who likes to hold out their credit cards with one hand and look away like they're too good to interact with me, or throw their credit card or money at me....

I DO NOT care how damn rich you are.(Tiu Nia Seng) Just because you have money does not make you more important than Mr. Johnnie Walker ok...

.... but why am i still doing it?
.... why am i still here?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Havent been updating my blog for quite some time now.
Still got loads of work to catch up...
3 of my colleague left, means more work for me!

Anybody interested in working as waitress? Please leave a message in my comment box and i'll come back to you.