Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dai Wa Sek

Dai Wa Sek, is a type of drinking game that i used to play a lot when i was still working with my previous company.

I went to Allen's place the other night and met up with Chris. There were only the two of us so he decided to play the dice game with me because we kinda like drinking very slow.

Me, apa lagi when play the game, sure happening wan woohoo!.....Until Chris had to ask me to slow down.Hahahaha!!!

Chris: "Dude, where's my Beer?"

Chris was a bit wasted but i can tell you that he can drink even more than what he drank that night.Heh!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This is Adrian ( Belacan Boy ), wrote about him on my previous post which he made supper for me, Bee and Karl.

Bee and Adrian

This is how we took photos last night.

In the cab, on our way home from pasar malam.
Had a great time went out together and i remembered Adrian ate a lot!!! (kedak babi jak)
hahahaha......just kidding bro...
Adrian is smart, good looking, a good cook and guess what he's still single!
Ladies..what are you waiting for??

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ulam Belacan

Adrian invited me, Bee and Karl to his house last night for supper.
We've talked about ulam belacan for quite a while but we never really got the time to meet up since he was really busy with his assignments and im busy with my work.
So Adrian decided to do it last night even though it was a bit late.

I was so surprise that Adrian not only prepared some vegetables for ulam, he boiled herbal chicken soup as well! And also the belacan, which Adrian's dad has made for him and Adrian brought it here all the way from his hometown(Miri). It was fantastic!
I was so busy eating that i totally forgotten about taking the photos. Please dont blame me because im a big fan of Belacan and the belacan last night was damn good! Hahahahahaha!!!

Adrian, thank you so much for the supper. It was awesome!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Day To Remember

Suddenly i realized that this day ( 16th June 2008 ) is the day that i should always remember.
You're as perfect as you can be, i could not ask for more. I'm so glad that you're mine.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Me? Bad Guy?

You all must be surprised that im writing this today. I would very much like to clear up certain things that have occured since the day i decided to make things better for myself and everybody.
I killed my brain studying just to make sure i can catch up with the others, well im not the best in school but at least im better than those lazy bastards out there, im not gonna lie to you all. Heh! Well, nobody seems to noticed.
And when i finished my studies, i started to work, like the rest of the people, to support myself, family and even some very close friends of mine! I would go beyond what i can do to make sure everything goes well. But nobody seems to appreciate my hard work.
I guess what im trying to say is, i've tried so hard all these years hopefully i can do better in my life, to make people happy and to make life easier for everyone especially my friends and those i thought were my friends, but everything seems to go wrong, and at the end of the day they put all the blames on me!!!
What the fuck were they thinking??
I've given so much but it seems like its still not enough! All i want is someone at least appreciate what i've done not only for myself but also for other people so far. Not someone come stabbing me from behind, talk nonsense bout me, take advantage of me, blame me even though they're the ones that made mistakes, or even worst made me look like a fool. As if they had not fucked me enough! They even look at me as a Bad Guy?

If shame had a face I think it would kind of look like theirs!

Next time you Suckers will find out how BAD i can be!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Me : Hello! Good evening, Sir.
Customer : Hi, table for one please.

After customer seated. I hand him the menu, he flipped open and...

Customer : Erm..What is nice here? What do you recommend?
Me : Our house specialty would be the Pork Ribs , and also the filipino dishes.
Customer : What do you recommend for one person?
Me : Sir, if you dont mind to try the Ribs, we actually got the serving that is good for one person.
Customer : I see....The ribs come with what? Got salad or what ar?
Me : The Ribs come with coleslaw and mashed potatoes or french fries on the side.
Customer : You serve 3 different types of sauces for the Ribs. Which one do you recommend?
Me : Yes Sir. The Classic Sauce tastes something like BBQ sauce which is a little bit sweet and a little sourish.
Oriental Sauce is sweet-ish, and Chili Hot sauce tastes a little bit spicy.
Customer : Which sauce do you recommend?
Me : Well, my personal favorites would be Classic & Chili Hot Sauce but Oriental sauce is also one of the favorites
Customer : Hmm...What about the filipino dishes? What you recommend?
Me : Filipino dishes we have vegetables such as Pinakbet, kangkung and asparagus. And we have also Sinigang,
which is a little bit spicy and sourish, Sisig....
Customer : Um...Rice....You got rice or not? What you recommend?
Me : *Grin(without customer noticed) Ya, we have aslo filipino dishes that comes with steamed rice.
Customer : Ooh, what is this Pork Bina....bina....what, i dont know how to pronounce.
Me : Its Pork Binagoongan.
Customer : Good ar? Got people order wan ar?
Me : Its one of my personal favorites also, it's pork belly deep fried and cooked in cincalok sauce.
Customer : Yer....nice meh?
Me : If you dont mind you can give it a try, Sir. Its actually quite good!
Customer : Dont want lah, how bout this one? The what is this...Pork Adobo?
Me : Its one of the filipinos favorite dish also..
Customer : What else you recommend beside that?

This customer is starting to pissed me off!

Me : We serve fried rice and fried noodles also.
Customer : You dont have Hor Fun or what ar? Good or not the noodles? Which one you recommend?
Me : We have only stir-fried Ramen and Udon only, Sir.
Customer : Oh....hmm....What else do you recommend?
Customer : (Terrified) Um..ok ok...I'll have the normal fried rice and a glass of Iced Green Tea then.
Me : Thank You.

Water vs. Beer

I read an article the other day,(this is definitely better than "Save Water, Drink Beer Instead")

It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water each day,
at the end of the year,
we would have absorbed more than 1 KILO of Escherichia Coli bacteria found in feces,
believe it or not, in other words, we are consuming 1 KILO of POOP. (WTF?!)

We do not run that risk when drinking beer (or rum, whiskey, vodka, wine, or other liquors)
because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting.

WATER = Poop


A man's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another Beer!
My dear friends, there is no need to thank me for this valuable information,
I am doing it as a public service and because I have a kind heart heheheheh...!

It is better to drink beer and talk shit, than it is to drink water and be full of shit.

Care to join me, anyone?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite (past)time

Cigars......Beers.....(oh! look at that! People...that aint a beer belly ok? Its a fuel tank for The Sex Machine!)

He who drinks gets drunk;
He who gets drunk goes to sleep;
He who goes to sleep does not sin;
He who does not sin goes to Heaven.

Sigh.....missed the old days..........

Havent been doing all that for quite some times now...
But hey,once in a while i still have to pamper myself with 1,2...3.....or maybe 4 glasses (hehehehe) while im doing my work at home! Heh!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quit drinking...

Hehehehe.......i find this very amusing! So for you people out there who likes to ask people to stop drinking, from now on...don't bother k.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008




really missed the old days when the Koreans still here.....without the Koreans, this table always empty.

Bryan, Robin, Rick, Patrick, Ven, Vicky, Stephanie, Cherry, Hilton, Maria......Good luck for your studies! Hope to meet again soon...


I am bored...and tired.Not because i worked hard today but it's extraordinary slow so i was like sit down the whole day and did nothing...er...i mean i still work as usual (Boss if you're reading this,i actually serve customers and did my work as usual hor...) but like i said,its very very slow today and that's what makes me lazy.hah!

I really feel like having a beer now,or maybe i'll go and grab a bottle of Guiness Stout on my way home later. Yummy!!!!


This is my nephew. I missed him a lot recently and guess what,i forgot to wish him Happy B'day!!! WTF!! What kinda uncle is this?

Darryl's birthday is on the 22nd of May and i only realized when i talked to my sister earlier asking how's Darryl doing?
Im am so sorry Darryl,and erm......Happy Belated Birthday!

Darryl,if you can read this (hhahahaha),im banging my head on the wall right now hor,and uncle promise will make it up to you soon hor..you dont be naughty hor,dont make mommy crazy hor...

Love you always!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


AAaaaahhh.....What a beautiful day!
Listening to beautiful music as soon as im awake and at the same time getting ready to work.
Took my shower,put on my uniform,combed my hair....huh?....hahahahaha....!
And off to work!!!
Everything seems fine until i met a retard,who's also working in the same company that im working now.
People!!! Can you take him away please??!!
He is by far the worst colleague that working with us.
No point talk sense into him coz i dont think the dumb bastard understands human language!
Everything he does makes me crazy,and he really pissed me off today!
My timebomb is ticking...
So Mr. Retard,my advice to you is....Run...run as fast as you can!