Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

A: "Eh bro, last night you got count down for Merdeka or not?"

A: "Did you go to Bukit Bintang or KLCC ar? Got concert you know"

Me: "Aiya you think Malaysians bother about Hari Merdeka meh? The only thing they care about is the public holiday only. And you think those who go watch the concert are Malaysian ar? Im pretty sure those go to the concert are foreigners like the Indonesians, the Burmese, the filipinos only ok... Local people you only see them at Bars drinking till mabuk ok..."

....is what i need right now.....

Bend & Break

Stupid laptop charger spoil, stupid internet connection damn slow!
And now i've got so many things i need to catch up...
And tonnes of paperworks that i need to get it done by next week!
Everything seems to be so fucked up these days.... sigh

Monday, August 11, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Washable Tattoos

When my friend Floyd asks me to post photos of my tattoos, he reminded me about this.
You all should know very well about the Kung Fu Panda movie right?
Recently, when i bought Maggi...., it comes with a complimentary washable tattoo sticker in each pack of Maggi. Er...i mean the one with 5 packets in each pack la....

This is how it looks like.
The tattoos look so cute that i decided to try in on the cutest part of my body...
Look at the stretch marks! Haha...i know!!! I know it's gross but i managed to lose some weight. I was always busy working until i forgotten to eat sometimes. huuh...
And now guess where i put it on...?

Yes!!! My butt cheek!!! Wuahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Floyd bro, i will update my blog with some photos of my real tats soon. Cheers!


Pasalubong means gift or souvenir in Tagalog. My colleague Karl went back to the Philippines 3 weeks ago and i asked for souvenir from there. He came back last night and guess what he brought for me...?!

Bracelets or whatever you call this.....


Lots of cigarettes!!!!
I dont know how he manage to bring in so much cigarettes but fuck it la, the cigarettes are for me so who cares right?
Thank you very much Karl, i love you man!

Friday, August 8, 2008

People said Honesty will always win out!
I can be as open as possible with anybody.
If those that cant deal with the truth....please just get out of my sight!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Jalan Jalan with Abby

Its been a while since the last time i went jalan jalan. Everything naik harga, wanna go out also scared. ...Yesterday was my day off, Abby decided to take leave and accompany me. So we went to Sungei Wang because i thought it would be much cheaper to spend there then any other shopping mall......i guess...
After walking here and there, do a little bit of shopping.... We decided to have a drink at Bon Ton(next to Lot 10). Abby ordered a glass of Iced Caffe Latte and the latte costs her RM14 !!!
Its ridiculous!!! And i dont see anything special about the latte.
When i ask her "Nice ar the latte?", she replied "er....nope..."
Then i said "Hahahahaha...who ask you to order latte le?"

And for myself...? A glass of Beer which is also RM14.
When you know that the beer and the latte cost you the same price, which one would you rather order?
Of course BEER la brader!!!
5 minutes later the waiter came and asks me whether i would like to order another glass of beer, i accidentally said "Yes!"....hehehehe. I was planning to sit only for a glass of beer then cabut but the beer tastes soooo good especially on a hot day like this.
All in all the day out was great, but we spent quite a lot and i dont see myself carry a lot of shopping bags. Sigh....
Stupid taxi fare already cost me around RM60 from PJ to Sungei Wang and back again because i was too lazy to go for monorail and bus!
Maybe next time when i take a taxi, i should just open the car door and cabut when i reached wherever i wanna go.